Monday, November 9, 2009

After another hiatus... Now Available on Townhall!!!

I really hate when I have to say this, but...  IT'S BEEN A WHILE.  My wife and I have been VERY busy lately with preparations to have a little one come into our lives (due date is 12/9/2009).  But it's looking like I will be able to start writing again, which is a great thing because I'm hoping to use my abilities in terms of a career.  But, we shall see what transpires of that...

So, the news;

1) I've changed the title of my blog.  It is now known as The Publius Report.
2) As always, my posts will be found here (WHERE YOU ALREADY ARE!).  But, they will also now be available at  Just follow the link below;

The Publius Report - Townhall Version

3) You can follow me on TWITTER (where I will post links to my blogs when I have a new article, etc.) by following THIS link below;

Follow PubliusX on TWITTER!!!

That's about it for now.  Keep checking back regularly for new updates and opinions.

God Bless,