Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pandering At It's Sleaziest

In recent days, news and political media outlets have been commenting that the "Hispanic Vote" may decide who wins the presidential election in November.  As such, both candidates have been speaking extensively to that very audience.  But one comment by Barack Hussein Obama, showed that despite his attempts to appear as more of a centrist in recent weeks, he is still FAR to the left of most Americans.

Recently, Barack Hussein Obama stated that he believed that it should be MANDATORY that ALL American grade school (K-12) should be taught SPANISH as a second language.   Oh, where do I begin on THIS ONE...

Firstly, Mr. Senator, why should any legal American citizen be forced to learn another language so as to make things in life easier for those who are here illegally and/or who REFUSE to assimilate to our culture the same way that previous generations of immigrants did?  While that may be the BIG question that leads to others, let me attempt to give the junior senator from Illinois a slight lesson government...

The federal government DOES NOT control education.  It may provide some minor oversight, but NOTHING MORE.  The individual STATES control their own government, no matter what your wishes.  As proof of this, consider the controversial (and FEDERAL)  No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  It has been said that act has "no teeth", and for good reason.  Because NO federal education act really can have any teeth.  NCLB only sets forth goals and guidelines, but leaves to the states to fully define those goals, guidelines, and exactly how to meet them.  No matter what you may WANT, Mr. Senator, your limitations in this matter are quite substantial.

On a more specific note, this to me underscores the ABSOLUTE need we have to federally mandate ENGLISH as the OFFICIAL NATIONAL LANGUAGE of these United States.  Learn it, live it, speak it, write it, or get left behind.  In doing this, The United States would be right in line with certain European nations that democrats and liberals claim to love to much (The Netherlands, for one...).

Personally, this statement not only shows how easily Barack Hussein Obama can jump back and forth from liberal radical to centrist pursuant to the shifting winds of the political day, it also shows his lack of business sense and lack of international knowledge.  If there were ONE other language that our children should be nudged toward learning as a second language, no intelligent person could EVER believe it to be Spanish.  Listen carefully Mr. Senator...  Our children, and any current businessman for that matter, should learn MANDARIN (which is currently the fastest growing language in the business world), but MUST NEVER BE FORCED to do so.  Stating otherwise (as to COERCION), only shows your ignorance and complete ARROGANCE, and only backs up my daily cry should you get elected...  GOD HELP US ALL.