Friday, August 7, 2009

Cash for Clunkers = Environazi Appeasement

By now, most of us know about "Cash for Clunkers" (officially known as C.A.R.S.) and how more funds have been "required" as the original $1 billion alloted ran out in only FOUR DAYS. Wow, our benevolent government could only run a used car business for only 4 days before approaching bankruptcy? Hmm... We've been told by those in power that this was all about helping Americans. Really?

Now comes word out of Washington, D.C. that an amendment to this extension (the amendment was authored by Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma) which would have allowed dealers to DONATE these vehicles to charities and STRUGGLING AMERICAN FAMILIES rather than DESTROY the vehicles has been defeated along mostly party lines.

The truth shines though. This is only about pushing an environmental agenda and getting "greener" cars on the roads. If C.A.R.S. was REALLY about helping people, this amendment would have passed 100-0! STOP LYING TO US!!!